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boxheadBoxhead is a game that has been very popular among people of all ages. The game was released on 27 October, 2006 and the developer of the game is Sean Cooper. This is the first Box head game and many other games under the same franchise were also launched by the developer.

The game is named as the Halloween special and you will have to save the civilians form the zombies. The game is all about sheer survival skills and you need to choose the right path to lead the civilians to the safety.


Arrow Keys: Move
Space: Fire weapon
1: Equip weapon 1
2: Equip weapon 2
3: Equip weapon 3
4: Equip weapon 4

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Boxhead Zombie Wars
Boxhead The Nightmare

The main objective of the game is to provide a safe passage to the civilians. You will be leading a group of civilians in a haunted town which is surrounded by the zombies.  You will have to play the same map but the difficulty will increase after each level. You will face more zombies as you progress in the game. You should study the map thoroughly before starting the game. The map can be found in the game menu.

The civilians are scared easily by the zombies and they will scatter when they see one. So, you should keep a track of the civilians and protect them from the zombies to clear the level. You need to help the civilians to reach the same evacuation point but this is not as simple as it sounds. Zombies will cover all the routes and you need to move with precision in order to protect the civilians.

Boxhead Controls

The game has simple controls and you can move the player with the help of arrow keys on the keyboard. The interface of the game also allows the player to move in the diagonal direction as well. You can shoot the zombies with the help of space key. In the game, you will be given different weapons and switching between the weapons is very easy as well. You can select the pistol with the help of 1 key and the Uzi machine gun can be selected with the help of 2 key. The shotgun can be selected with the help of 3 key. When you are surrounded by the zombies, you can also use the grenades to kill them. The grenades can be selected by 4 key.


As you know that the ultimate goal of this game is to escort the civilians to the safe zone. In the game, you will have to play the same map but the zombies will get more in number every time. Basically, there are three routes in the game that can help you to avoid the zombies and reach the evacuation point.

High Scores

The score of every stage depends upon the lives you have saved in a stage and also the time taken to escort the stated number of civilians. The score of each round is recorded in the database of the game. You can also view the high score in each round by selecting the high score key in the game menu. This is the fun way to challenge your friends in this game as you easily track the scores that you make.

Boxhead Weapons

Different weapons are given to you in this game and you have to sue these weapons to kill the zombies and escort the civilians to the end point. The four basic weapons in the game are Pistol, Uzi, Shotgun and Grenade. You will find the details of these weapons below:


It is the primary weapon in the game and you will get this weapon in the start of the game. The pistol has unlimited ammunition and this means that you do not have to locate the ammunition boxes to refill your ammunition. The pistol bullets have low damage and you will have to shoot the zombies four times in order to kill them.


The Uzi machine gun can shoot faster and kill zombies easily. It will kill the zombies in just 3 shots. However, the gun will be unlocked when you reach second level. You will get 100 bullets in a magazine and you will have to refill the bullets by locating the nearest ammunition box.


Shotgun is a highly potent gun and can kill the zombie with only two shots. It is more effective than the pistol and the Uzi machine gun. However, you will get less number of bullets in this gun and you will have to go to the ammunition box more often to get your gun refilled.


Grenades are hard to land but they can kill one or more zombies. You need to practice a lot to throw the grenades effectively. You can only use the grenades once they are unlocked after level 6.

There are three ammunition boxes in the map and you need to locate them to get your bullets refilled. You can easily pass the stages with the help of good positioning and a pistol.